Creative Aluminium Door Designs for Your Commercial Space

June 7, 2023

Aluminium doors are emerging as the go-to choice for commercial spaces due to their great efficiency and practicality. There are various aluminium door designs that accommodate the needs of every area and individual preferences. Aluminium doors are better suited for commercial settings since they are less likely to deteriorate than wooden doors. Cost efficiency is another significant benefit of these doors in commercial spaces. You will save more as you need not replace or service these doors in your office frequently. These doors are less prone to fading or chipping if maintained properly with specialised coating. With good maintenance practices, you can be assured that the aluminium doors will always be glossy and sparkling. 

Doors made of aluminium also have an inherent shiny appearance. These doors provide a stylish look and fit in flawlessly with the other interior elements of your commercial area. A well-designed commercial space complimented with stylish aluminium doors promotes positivity in your workspaces. Here are some modern aluminium door styles that can elevate the look of your commercial spaces. 

Modern Aluminium Door Styles

1. Aluminium glass doors

Aluminium glass doors are fast emerging as one of the most preferred options for entrance and exit points of commercial spaces. The contemporary designs available in the market can surely add a welcoming vibe to your spaces. In addition to this, the large metal frames with stylish glass designs add a majestic vibe and make the interiors feel spacious.

2. Sliding aluminium doors

The sliding aluminium doors comprise of a bottom railing for the door to slide open. This aluminium sliding door design is a resourceful option especially if you have space constraints. The glass panels can add to the beauty of the space by providing a clear and striking view of the outside world. They also brighten up the space by letting abundant sunlight and air inside.

3. The double-open aluminium doors

The double-open door is made up of two independent doors that, when closed, meet in the middle. The aluminium framework is equipped with two rectangular glass slabs which can be customised as per your requirement. This aluminium door design has a clean, sophisticated appearance and is perfect for formal settings. The minimalism and classy look are the biggest USPs of these doors which are perfect for patios and balconies of your commercial spaces

4. Secure aluminium doors

Your commercial space’s front door requires an additional layer of security and protection. To achieve this, you can install an aluminium frame along with an aluminium grill door. This design adds functionality as well as a stylish look due to its glossy appearance.

5. Sleek aluminium casement doors

An aluminium casement door that can be opened both inwardly and outwards and will make your space feel breezy, and large. Casement doors have great applications in both residential and commercial settings. When kept open, these doors offer fantastic airflow. Their translucent glass surfaces also provide a clear view of the outside.