Aluminium Doors by Alteza

Alteza offers a comprehensive range of aluminium door systems that are manufactured to the highest quality to offer outstanding aesthetics as well as performance levels. All Alteza aluminium door systems are specifically designed with high-end properties in mind. The sleek aluminium door design and construction is perfectly suited to helping homeowners enjoy large influxes of natural light alongside easy transitions. This, in combination with the high energy performance and the minimalistic look, makes Alteza aluminium doors the best choice for contemporary architecture.

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Our High-Performance Door Features

Sleek Design

Natural light inviting 40mm sightline, perfect for a modern aesthetic with options for customisation in size and colour.

Durability & Versatility

Built to withstand extreme temperatures and wind loads, are also highly versatile and eco-friendly.

Smooth Operation

Nylon rollers ensure smooth movement, with options to add mesh tracks for added functionality.

Quality Materials

Genuine glass & hardware from OEMs, up to 10 feet in length, and almost maintenance-free.

Guaranteed Trust

Comprehensive warranty on each and every product by Alteza.

Door Systems

Our high-quality aluminium doors re ideal for any commercial or residential project. Our aluminium door for home and offices offer durability, high levels of performance and low maintenance make.

Complete Peace of Mind

Alteza combines premium grade, virgin aluminium with precision engineering, to create doors of exceptional craftsmanship and quality, and delivers among the most secure aluminium door systems on the market.

secure aluminium door systems
Choose from a range of aluminium doors

Pick Your Colour

Choose from a range of colours and RAL shades. Options include wood grains and fun bright colours, plus a variety of anodized options. Finished with a durable, scratch-resistant powder coating, Alteza aluminium doors are smooth to the touch and low on maintenance.

Doors That Are Made for You

Every home is unique, reflecting the occupants' style and needs. Alteza being a leading aluminium doors manufacturer, crafts bespoke solutions of the highest quality, ensuring exceptional aesthetics and performance. With Alteza, customisation is key!





Size & Color

10 Year Warranty

12 Years of Fabrication Experience

World-Class Technology

Highly Customizable

Wide Range


Are Alteza's aluminium doors suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, they are versatile for both.

How secure are Alteza's aluminium doors?

Our doors are equipped with high-quality locking mechanisms and robust materials to ensure maximum security and peace of mind for homeowners and business owners alike.

Can I choose different hardware options for my aluminium doors?

Absolutely! Alteza offers a variety of hardware options for our aluminium doors, including handles, locks, and hinges. You can choose from different styles and finishes to customize the look of your doors to suit your preferences.

Are Alteza's aluminium doors energy-efficient?

Yes, our aluminium doors are designed to be energy-efficient, helping to reduce heat loss and improve insulation in your home or building. With optional double glazing and thermal break technology, you can enjoy enhanced energy efficiency and comfort indoors.

Does Alteza offer installation services for their aluminium doors?

Yes, professional installation provided.

Can I customise the design of aluminum doors by Alteza to match my home's architecture?

Yes, with Alteza, you have the flexibility to customise the design of our aluminum doors to perfectly complement your home’s architectural style and aesthetic preferences.

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