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Warranty For Aluminium Windows & Doors

Alteza is committed to offering products of the best quality and high durability, and back it up with two-level support of the highest standards. Our post-sale ‘service assurance offer’ covers any functional issues to your windows and doors – everything is resolved FREE OF COST. There is no charge for our time nor for the service extended during the first 12 months of installation.

The Alteza comprehensive product guarantee plan is automatically activated immediately on the purchase of any Alteza product. The validity of the aluminium windows and doors warranty is for 10 years and covers Alteza profiles, hardware products, and all components of the windows and doors.

When the Warranty Becomes Void

In the case of defects that are a result of misuse, willful or accidental damage, or neglect

When the damage is due to external factors such as natural calamities

If the products were removed and reinstalled by an unauthorized service provider

If the damage caused is due to any civil work being carried out in the premises, or at an adjoining space, after installation

Some Easy Tips to Maintain Your Windows and Doors Properly


glass maintenance

Always clean the glass using a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to avoid getting scratches on the surface.


handles maintenance

Clean out the dirt and debris from all moving parts on a yearly basis. Lightly oil the moving parts with machine oil. Avoid the use of metal polish or other harsh cleaning products.

Outer Frame & Sash

Outer Frame & Sash

Clean the surfaces of the frame with a soft cloth to remove grime and dust. Use a mild liquid detergent and rinse with water to remove stubborn stains.

All Lock Types

all lock types

The key-way, latch and keeps should be kept dirt, debris and obstruction free.

Multi-Point Locks

multi point locks

Apply a generous smear of petroleum jelly or grease to both sides of each additional hook and bolt. This keeps the lock functioning smoothly.


clean track surface with petroleum jelly

The track surface should be cleaned, and lightly greased, once a year with petroleum jelly.