Aluminium Window & Doors Installation & Service

Alteza offers the one-in-all service solution, including aluminium windows and doors installation, designed to meet the needs of its premium range of aluminium window and door systems. Trained technical and maintenance teams are on-call and available 365 days a year for all services, including delivery and installation. Alteza’s drive to enhance its service support quality begins from its commitment to closely supervise the entire installation process and follow this up with efficient post sales service for windows and doors that are monitored for quality.

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Professional Installation

Our dedicated team of trained professionals take the time to understand your requirements and provide a unique solution for your needs. The delivery and installation of new aluminium doors and windows is always a smooth process that is completely hassle-free to the customer.

Hassle Free Service

Hassle-Free Service

We also keep a close check on the performance of our products, even after we install aluminium doors and windows. In case you have any concerns regarding the performance of our products, you can raise a request at any time, and our expert technicians will also provide excellent post sales service for windows and doors and resolve your issue in no time.