Customization Options For Aluminium Window & Doors

Customization means everything is looked at from your point of view and the product is tailored to your specific needs. Alteza offers customized aluminium windows and doors systems. Making total customization a reality in styles, in size, in glazing options and in colours. Alteza can give you what you want, not just what you need.

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Types of Glass

There are many types of glass you can opt for when choosing your customized aluminium windows and doors. Right from a clear glass to toughened glass, from glass that is 5mm thick and goes up to 12mm. The type you choose depends on your requirements and purpose. Rest assured any type of glass you select will be a well-known brand that delivers quality.


Tinted glass acts as a protection against harmful UV rays entering into the interiors. You could consider opting for a tint for your 


This glass ensures high-clarity and is traditionally used for aquariums, display cases and some customized aluminium windows, where extra clarity is desired. 


Translucent glass allows the light to pour into the interiors, but cannot be clearly seen through.


Customized aluminium window designs might demand the use of extra strong glass. Also known as tempered glass, it is five times stronger than regular glass. 


Alteza customized aluminium systems offer laminated glass for windows and doors. This type of glass is extra-strong, and provides greater security.

Choice of Glazing

Is your office or home located in a noisy neighbourhood? Are your interiors getting too hot during summers and stay too cold in winters? Is your electricity bill shooting through the roof? Then double-glazing your customized aluminium windows will be the perfect solution. The benefits you get in return far outweigh the cost.

Single Glazing Customization Options For Aluminium Window & Doors

Single Glazing

A single glazed window contains just one single pane of glass. While this keeps costs low, its insulating capability will be poor.

Double Glazing Customization Options For Aluminium Window & Doors

Double Glazing

Double glazing your Alteza customized aluminium windows and doors is a better option as this makes the glass stronger, shatterproof, and clearer. Improves energy efficiency, security, and even reduces noise levels.

Nothing Beats an Original

All Alteza customized aluminium windows and doors are fitted with only original hardware and this is never compromised. So no matter what type of Alteza customized aluminium systems you buy, you are rest assured of parts that go into it. Right from the handles to locks, from steel bars to shootbolts, from friction hinges to security enhancing restrictors, and even the high performance automatic blind closing and opening systems, they are all manufactured by OEMs and meet strict Alteza standards that surpass international norms.

Let Fresh Air In

Alteza customizes even the mesh to create a relaxed environment by retaining privacy and allowing fresh air to circulate within the interiors on a warm day or night. The quality of the mesh used for Alteza customized aluminium windows and doors ensures stability of the mesh in extremely corrosive environments as well as when exposed to high temperatures.

SS Mesh

The SS mesh used by Alteza customized aluminium windows and doors is very durable and characterized by the extremely low variance of the pore size and by the high stability of the pore geometry.

Fiber Mesh

Alteza customized aluminium windows and doors uses only high quality fiber mesh crafted for maximum protection; they have the necessary dimensional stability and durability, and are washable.

Tall Windows & Taller Doors

Although Alteza aluminium window and door systems are available in all shapes and sizes, they can be created on a bespoke basis to suit your specific needs. The exclusive slimline, customized aluminium windows and door profiles enable you to have 12% more glass. The beauty of this is that more glass allows more light to enter. The interior spaces are not only better lit but also look more spacious.

Colour Palette Silver Matt

Colour Palette

Alteza offers high quality finishes including polyester powder coating, anodizing finish in both solid and metallic colours, providing outstanding resistance to environmental conditions. And you can order to have one colour on the inside and another on the outside of the frame.

Silver Matt

Colour Palette Champagne


Light Bronze

Colour Palette Light Bronze

Medium Bronze

Colour Palette Dark Bronze

Dark Bronze


Powder coating options

100+ RAL colours

Powder coating options

Wood finish

Natural wood-looking finish available in 25 different shades

Natural wood looking finish