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End-To-End Solutions That Work

End-to-end Solution

Today’s fast paced construction schedules demand it all in aluminium window and door systems – design innovation, flexibility, high quality, simplified fabrication, fast installation, superior performance and strong support commitment. Alteza premium aluminium window and door systems deliver on every count by extending an unmatched end-to-end support service.

The Aluminium Window & Door Manufacturer of India

Alteza is among the very few aluminium windows and doors manufacturer to offer a Total System Solution for all your premium aluminium window and door systems. Along with the variety of styles and designs, all Alteza aluminium windows and doors can be custom-made to any specification and configuration.


Our Process

Highly Customizable

Survey & Design

Fabrication & Delivery

Fabrication & Delivery

Installation & Maintenance Of Aluminium Windows & Doors

Installation & Maintenance

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Post Sales Service

Aluminium Windows

Virgin aluminium is becoming the material of choice when it comes to finishing modern homes and commercial spaces. Sleek and versatile, Alteza aluminium windows come in all shapes, types, sizes and colours. However, it pays to be savvy and keep an eye out for the best value for money. This means watching out for build quality in terms of finish and security, not just think and settle on price.

Aluminium Doors

Your front door and doors to your interior rooms are very special. They should match the style of your home and be elegant enough to express your good taste. Discover Alteza aluminium doors. No matter what kind of door you choose, it will be made by the only aluminium windows and doors manufacturer in India who can guarantee to meet your demands in a way no one else can. Deliver true Alteza brand quality.

Why Alteza

Aluminium Windows & Aluminium Doors from Alteza

Whether you need a single aluminium window or a sliding door for a penthouse apartment, a full glazing package for a dream villa or hundreds of aluminium doors and windows for your new project, each and every Alteza product is precision engineered for you.

Alteza premium aluminium window and door systems deliver exceptional quality and performance that exceed expectations. All Alteza aluminium window and door systems are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and hardware components. They are tested to meet international standards. Slim yet extremely sturdy, they deliver water tightness, noise reduction, and the ability to withstand extremely high wind loads.

Alteza is one of the leading aluminium windows and doors manufacturer in India who can bring a high level of commitment, expertise and responsive service support by providing end-to-end support service, right from consultations, design, manufacturing to installation and post-sales support.

10 year warranty

10 Year Warranty

12 Years of Fabrication Experience

12 Years of Fabrication Experience

World Class Technology

World-Class Technology

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Wide Range Of Aluminium Windows & Aluminium Doors

Wide Range

Totally Bespoke

Alteza premium aluminium window and door systems are tailored exactly to your size, colour scheme, finish and accessory requirements. Whether it’s a window or a door they are all made using premium-grade virgin aluminium and original hardware for smooth, flawless and effortless operation. When you choose Alteza, you choose something very special – performance that spans lifetimes!

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customization of size & color

Size & Color

About Aparna-Craft

Aparna-Craft offers not only a complete systems solution in façades & exteriors, but also delivers on its on-time, on-budget project completion promise. Enabling architects and building owners drive rapid innovation, use advanced technologies and deliver building aesthetics that increases energy efficiency, raises comfort level and boosts value.

Aparna-Craft is a joint venture between Aparna Enterprises Limited, a leader in building materials and Craft Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong, a world leader with unmatched engineering, fabrication and design expertise, involved with prestigious projects across the globe.