Aluminium Casement Doors

Alteza aluminium casement doors’ durability, high-performance levels and low maintenance make these an ideal addition to commercial and/or larger residential projects. Our casement doors can either have fixed panels or be attached to the frame with one or more hinges, typically allowing them to open to the side. They are held open by ‘casement stays’, small metal bars that open and close in a scissor motion. As a leading Aluminium Casement Doors Manufacturer, we offer customisation in glazing & glass options, robust hardware, mesh, choice of colours and sizes.


Door Styles

Elegant, high-functioning, elegant aluminium casement door systems by Alteza offer exceptional aesthetics and durability. These add a touch of uniqueness to your space. Each of your casement door design are tailored to match your style and requirements perfectly.

Casement Door & Fixed Panel

Casement Door & Fixed Panel

Casement Door

Casement Door

Doors that
are made for you

Every home is different, and that’s the way it should be to reflect the style and requirements of the occupants. The innovative systems from Alteza aluminium doors are bespoke to each project and are manufactured to the highest quality to offer outstanding aesthetics as well as performance levels. With Alteza, you can customize





Size & Color

10 Year Warranty

12 Years of Fabrication Experience

World-Class Technology

Highly Customizable

Wide Range

Space recommendations

Why choose Aluminium Casement Doors?

Enhanced Security

Each of our glass casement door comes with a multi-locking system, ensuring superior security for your property.

Energy Efficiency

The multi-chambered design of our high-quality casement doors offers extra strength and excellent energy efficiency, keeping your space comfortable year-round.

Durability and Resilience

Made with up to 2mm wall thickness, our casement doors are robust, non-corroding, and resistant to warping and flexing, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Customisable and Stylish

Our glass casement doors are finely smoothed and intricately finished, available in customisable sizes, colours and hardware options, including the addition of 3D hinges for smooth movement.


Our high-quality casement doors are 100% recyclable, providing an environmentally friendly choice for your architectural needs.



What customisation options are available for Alteza aluminium casement doors?

Alteza offers extensive customisation in size, colour, hardware, glass, and glazing options.

How does Alteza ensure the durability and quality of its aluminium products?

Alteza uses high-quality materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and genuine branded hardware to ensure durability and top performance.

Can Alteza aluminium casement doors be used for both residential and commercial projects?

Yes, Alteza aluminium casement doors are ideal for both residential and commercial projects due to their robust and versatile design.

What are the benefits of choosing Alteza's glass casement doors for my home?

Alteza’s glass casement doors provide enhanced security, energy efficiency and extensive customisation options, while adding aesthetic appeal.

How does Alteza handle the installation process for its aluminium casement doors?

Alteza ensures a seamless installation process with skilled professionals, from initial survey to post-sale service.

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