Aluminium Windows & Doors - High Performance

Designed for high performance, Alteza premium aluminium windows and doors advantages play a key role in the transformation of the architect’s vision into reality, shaping the building’s exterior and interior. As well as delivering exceptional comfort levels and energy savings over the entire product lifecycle.

More Glass Less Frame Icon
More Glass, Less Frame

Alteza high performance aluminium windows and doors offer slim sightlines, clean edges and larger glass surface areas ensuring wider views with minimal obstructions. The seamlessly integrated floor-to-ceiling glazing with flush thresholds, create free-flowing spaces, blending the indoor with the outdoor in exquisite harmony.

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Robust & Durable

Alteza aluminium windows and doors are highly resistant to all-weather conditions. They don’t warp or rot and are termite-free. They are designed to bring low maintenance, durability, energy-saving to life. The high strength-to-weight ratio makes them tough and withstands the roughest environmental conditions. They do not change their colour, shape, size, or lose their shine even after years of use.

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Noise Reduction

Along with the many advantages of aluminium windows, Alteza also delivers exceptional sound insulating capabilities of up to 30 decibels by simply causing the sound wave to lose power. This is achieved by using materials that absorb and reflect all noise – like glazing, using double sealants, and by building frames with thicker walls.

Wind Resistance Icon
Wind Resistance

All Alteza structural glass assemblies are bespoke and designed with the correct glass thicknesses and strengthening interlayers. Alteza high-performance aluminium windows and doors are tested to wind pressures of 3000 Pa with a frontal deflection, making them ideal for high-rise buildings and areas that are prone to high-velocity winds.

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Energy Efficiency

All Alteza high performance aluminium windows and door profiles are designed specifically to prevent heat transfer through the frame. Low E glass reflects heat back into the atmosphere, minimizing interior heat gain and lowering the use of air-conditioners, helping reduce power bills by up to 30%! A gap within the double glazing.

Robust & Extremely Secure

Made from virgin aluminium and use of multi-chambered design with thicker walls ensures all Alteza high performance aluminium windows and doors are extremely strong and come with original multi-point locking systems. Alteza is designed to meet the highest levels of security and allows the incorporation of grills, providing extra assurance in regards to security and safety.


Alteza aluminium windows and doors benefits includes its non-inflammable quality. The windows and doors do not cause or enhance the development of fire and are self-extinguishing by nature.

10-Year Warranty

Alteza is committed to offering products of the highest quality and fitted to the highest standards. All Alteza aluminium windows and doors advantages are protected as they come with a comprehensive warranty that covers not just the entire profile but also the hardware.

Environmental Friendly

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet. 100% of the metal can be recycled, and this saves 95% of the energy required to produce aluminium from raw materials. Aluminium can be recycled again and again, forever, without losing any of its qualities.

The Alteza Advantage

Alteza is India’s leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the most extensive range of premium aluminium window and door systems. Manufactured using world-class technology and only the highest quality materials and hardware components, all Alteza window and door systems are inherently strong, and sustainable. They don’t just meet but also exceed the performance standards expected in modern building design.

10 Year Warranty

12 Years of Fabrication Experience

World-Class Technology

Highly Customizable

Wide Range