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Why Aluminium?

Aluminium is called the green metal because it is very eco-friendly. Highly malleable, light in weight, yet as strong as steel. Aluminium is corrosion resistant. 100% of the metal can be recycled, and this saves 95% of the energy required to produce aluminium from raw materials. Aluminium can be recycled forever, without losing any of its qualities.

All Aluminium Frames Are Not Created Equal

There are plenty of reasons to choose premium quality aluminium. Low-end profiles are badly made. The technology used is untested. Besides the wall thickness of the frame is far too thin to take the stress of wind load pressures. They are also prone to rusting as the metal used is of inferior quality and durability is a question mark. To top it all, low-end aluminium windows and doors use thinner glass and are fitted with low costing imitation hardware.

Advantages of Alteza Aluminium

Alteza is a hands-down winner for owners and architects as it is made using the best technology and only premium quality aluminium. Alteza uses only best in class, virgin aluminium of 6063 grade and not recycled metal. The profile frames are of the highest quality and offer the slimmest possible profiles. They are durable, have a low Uf value, very easy to maintain and long lasting. They are corrosion and weather resistant, and preserve their good looks without cracking or blistering, discolouring or rotting.

why alteza aluminiumEnd-to-End Solution

Alteza offers end-to-end service and delivers every time. Beginning with consultations, design, fabrication, installation and follow it up with unmatched post sale service support.

why alteza aluminiumWide Range of Bespoke Solutions

Alteza will come as a welcome relief to architects, builders and owners scouting for bespoke premium aluminium window and door systems. Alteza not only offers to customize a wide range of aluminium window and door systems but also makes total customization a reality. Alteza solutions range from simple applications, like Casement & Sliding systems to customized and precision-engineered applications like the highly complex Slide & Fold and Lift & Slide systems solutions.

built to performBuilt to Perform

All Alteza products are made with architectural design in mind. Alteza high quality slim but strong frames are designed with outstanding levels of engineering and come with proven test results for your peace of mind. They are structurally safe when exposed to high-pressure environmental conditions — withstand wind loads of up to 3500 Pa!

why alteza aluminiumTested & Proven Expertise

Alteza is a product of the combined expertise of Craft, a world leader with unmatched engineering, fabrication and design expertise, and Aparna Enterprises Limited, with an impeccable track record of delivering a complete systems solution on-time and on-budget.

Enabling architects and building owners drive rapid innovation, use advanced technologies and deliver building aesthetics that increases energy efficiency, raises comfort level and boosts value.

10 year warranty10-Year Warranty

Alteza is committed to offering products of the highest quality and fitted to the highest standards. All products come with a comprehensive warranty. The warranty covers Alteza profiles and colors for 10 years, and hardware products and all components of the windows and doors for 5 years.

On-Time Project Completion

Alteza also brings unparalleled simplicity to ensuring on-time project completion by having a single point of contact, relying on one technical and customer service support team, and delivering the complete product solution package, designed around your specific needs, in one shipment, ready for installation.

slim frames & better viewsSlim Frames, Better Views

Apart from the high-quality product and the impeccable service, another advantage of Alteza aluminium window and door systems is that they have very sturdy yet slim sightlines – which means less frame, more glass and better views.