February 28, 2022

If you value privacy, peace, and an abundance of open space, then a penthouse is the right living space for you. It is exclusive and offers you a large area on the terrace where you can go on frequent quick walks, watch the brilliant sunrise and sunsets, etc.

It would therefore be extremely unfair if you compromised on the interiors of your dream house for materials that are common, flimsy, and dull. You have to make sure that everything looks refined, giving the due appreciation of living in a setting people often just desire.

Create your living space only with the best quality Aluminium Windows and doors and customize it to translate your lifelong vision of a luxurious penthouse into a seamless reality.

A sliding door can add oomph to any living space. They are sleek, modern looking, and are extremely easy to operate.

Here are some ideas for penthouse you must look out for while choosing your ideal sliding doors:

  1. Full-height doors

A penthouse usually has the most stunning views to offer compared to the rest of the building. So, in order to leverage the natural aesthetics more, choose penthouse doors that are full length. This allows an ample amount of natural light into your property while also making it look more spacious.

  1. Optimized space

You can enhance your space by installing sliding doors in the penthouse. They come in thin frames and are very sleek to look at. You can choose aluminium for this purpose as it offers numerous benefits. For instance, aluminium doors do not require an arc space, which usually takes up a huge area. They are instead built with thin frames, allowing the glass frames to slide smoothly right adjacent to each other.

  1. Resistant to expansion

You need doors for your penthouse that are resilient in the face of any weather condition, no matter how extreme. A rampant issue with sliding doors is that it is prone to periodic expansion caused due to moisture.

When the door frame expands because of higher levels of humidity, it becomes a hassle to operate the sliding door. There are also greater chances of the glass breaking from all the pressure. However, aluminium is resistant to humidity. Even at peak moisture levels, your aluminium sliding doors do not expand. This makes them the most preferred option for homes especially sited in humid regions.

  1. Low-maintenance

If you own a penthouse, rest assured (or maybe not, after all!) that your place will always be buzzing with social events and parties. In that case, you have to ensure that the materials you use to build your doors are not only stunning in appearance but also very low-maintenance, so you can conserve your energy in attending to your guests!

Aluminium sliding doors make maintaining your penthouse a piece of cake. A simple damp cloth is sufficient to clean them, without the use of harsh chemicals that are ridden with toxins bad for the environment.

You may also want to lubricate the frames with oil occasionally to maintain the fresh appearance of the doors.

  1. Resilient

Building your dream home is not an everyday affair. A smart investor knows that it is better to purchase value-for-money materials that are durable, rather than being short-sighted and getting cheap doors only to have them replaced quickly.

Your doors suffer one of the most wear and tear in your living space. After all, they are the face of your property. However, constant weather fluctuations and other natural factors do immense damage to them. Therefore, it is imperative you choose fenestration supplies that are not only beautiful but also strong inside-out. Aluminium is one of the go-to construction materials that professionals and astute customers install. This is due to its plethora of benefits. It does not rust or peel off. Also, it protects against pest and termite infestation and protects your space from the effects of the weather changes.

  1. Highly customizable

Aluminium comes in a wide range of highly scalable colors and designs. You can choose the frames and other aesthetic aspects without compromising on your idea of a perfect home.

Aluminium is one of the most preferred materials by engineers, architects, and homeowners for making their windows and doors. However, you must always choose the most premium quality and pure Aluminium to achieve this purpose.

Alteza guarantees you only the highest quality and competent aluminium sliding doors. Our doors are manufactured with state-of-art German technology to ensure that your living space is your safe haven and built on your own terms.

We take meticulous steps to manufacture safe, sustainable, visually gorgeous, and durable Aluminium sliding doors. We have so much confidence in our products that we offer a ten-year warranty to our customers.

In case of any confusion, you are just a call/message away to get professional assistance in virtually everything, from the selection of your penthouse interiors to installation and even maintenance.

Reach out to us today and transform your property into a legacy of your dreams.