Exploring the Different Styles of Glass Railing with Aluminium for Your Staircase

May 25, 2023

Stairways significantly enhance the appearance of the house. They add style and flair to your home which is why you must pay great attention to its designs, materials used and shape.  The correct railing selection has a big impact on the staircase’s appearance as well as the look of the entire house.

Modern interior designers today are leaning towards glass stair railings. The trend is fast catching up globally and it is here to stay!

Modern glass stair railing designs help the room open up, let more light in, and add tremendous visual appeal. It draws attention to the crisp architectural lines and raises your home’s luxury quotient.

The first thing that pops up in mind when we hear about glass railing systems is the elegance and luxurious look they provide. Along with this, people might also doubt their strength considering glass is a fragile material. The glass rails, however, are absolutely sturdy and are crafted to withstand heavy pressure and weight. They are heat strengthened and even the cooling process is devised to provide better surface compression. If you’re looking for a sturdy and stylish option, you may also want to consider tempered glass stair railings.

Indoor glass railings

Indoor glass stair railings are one of the most stylish and elegant options for houses. They offer a secure and elegant barrier without altering the open environment . Glass railing system is the best way to highlight your staircase and provide it with greater security. Thanks to a wide variety of options available in the market, these indoor glass railings can be customised to meet both your structural needs and your aesthetic preferences. By adding glass railing to your house, you can draw attention to your balcony or staircase and turn it into a grand centrepiece.

Outdoor glass railing

Outdoor glass fencing is a modern approach to improve the look of decks and balconies. Glass balcony railings give the building’s exterior a majestic appearance while improving safety. Additionally, it enhances the look of the building’s façade. Installing glass railings is a great way to ensure you enjoy the lovely unobstructed view from your deck, veranda, or patio. You can experience a fantastic vantage point with these railing options. 

Framed glass railings

This style of railing involves rails made of tempered glass surrounded by frames made of steel, aluminium, or wood. It enhances the look and safety of your home. It is the most commonly used system around balconies, decks, and swimming pools.

Although various materials can be used to make frames, an aluminium glass stair railing is the best choice because it requires lesser maintenance and doesn’t rust.  These glass railings just need to be cleaned occasionally to get rid of watermarks and fingerprints.

Frameless glass railings

As the name suggests these glass rails don’t have any supporting frameworks. The only thing holding the glass railings in place are the posts typically made of aluminium. Frameless glass stair railings provide a contemporary styling and a high-gloss finish give an elegant vibe and offer an unobstructed view. High rises typically use this kind of railing system on their balconies, terraces, and decks.