October 25, 2021

All too often, most aluminium windows and doors manufacturers and vendors, expect customers to make significant investments and long-term decisions without even considering the needs of their projects. The simple advice for customers and specifiers is, before recommending a premium aluminium windows and doors manufacturer, get an accurate and complete picture of what you as customer can expect from them. Putting everything promised in writing will be a good practice.

Having said that, let’s get down to the basics of what you should look for and expect from Aluminium windows makers. Digging deeper in this context will go a long way in preventing you from making wrong decisions.

  • Check the scope of the manufacturer’s service offer first. Does it include pre-project consultations?
  • Is their business built on the extent of the quality of expertise and personal service they promise to offer?
  • Are these fundamentals carried throughout their design, fabrication and installation services?
  • Are they proud of the projects they completed — large or small, commercial or domestic – this matters.
  • Have a chat with builders of the completed projects.

The idea is to rate aluminium windows and doors manufacturers according to the depth of their End-to-End capabilities and expertise. You’ll be able to vet their services and compare and take an informed decision on which ones to shortlist.

Look for a complete systems solution provider

Very few aluminium windows and doors manufacturers have the capability to offer a complete system design solution for all types of aluminium windows. What this really means is an ability to work with you right from the beginning of the project and stay with the project through the entire process of fabrication and installation and beyond.

A complete system can only be built from customer specifications, prototyping, compliance testing, and final manufacture. This involves talking through your ideas and requirements and propose an optimal solution that meets your needs. Being able to do this requires flexibility in approach, design expertise, technical knowledge and a passion to provide you with a range of options and types of aluminium windows and doors that also deliver structural integrity.

Only a complete system solution approach can result in a universal system that brings together high performance, incorporates technical advancements and design features to enhance your project aesthetics and performance. Combining strength, safety, sustainability and beauty for new builds or refurbishment projects, particularly in residential and large commercial buildings.

End-to-End solution
The advantages of possessing such capability and expertise are many, because only by working in partnership with customers, aluminium windows and doors manufacturers can ensure all services provided as personal and consultative as possible. Always ready to make suggestions and recommendations that add value to the project at every stage.

Design, consultation & survey: Whether you order one aluminium window/door or thousands, they should be willing to  customize the perfect solution for you. And to make that happen, their Technical and Design teams need to carryout detailed consultations with you regarding the scope of your project.

Armed with the design and specifications, a team of survey executives, begin the physical assessment and take exact measurements of the vents for windows and doors, using precision measuring instruments.

Fabrication & Delivery: These are critical components of your project, and you need to be absolutely sure that the aluminium windows and doors manufacturer uses only virgin aluminium to make the profiles and incorporates branded original components and follows tested and proven processes.

For the fabrication of premium aluminium window and door systems, trust only technologically sound, precision machinery that are designed to ensure high accuracy and reliability of the end products.

A reputed aluminium windows and doors manufacturer will ensure world class quality goes into your premium aluminium window and door systems at every step of the process, even offering only the best glazing options your project needs.

After the fabrication process is completed, each product is individually wrapped and packed to eliminate the chances of damage during transit and delivered at site as per the agreed delivery schedule.

Installation & Maintenance: Remember, an end-to-end solution means that the process continues beyond delivery, covering complete installation and covers product detailing and maintenance as well.

Handing-over process: Not every aluminium windows and doors manufacturer will assign an expert to ensure a smooth transition from installation to begin service initiatives which usually begin with a thorough briefing and product familiarizing exercise so that your engineers and maintenance crew have complete understanding of the systems operation and what they need to do to maintain the product perfectly.

Once the handover is complete, a specified customer support team is assigned to handle your project and will be on standby for you, ready to handle and rectify any issue. This fully committed customer service team is supported by a state-of-the-art service infrastructure to make sure all aluminium window and door systems perform flawlessly throughout their lifecycle. This service is normally FREE for the first year.

Post-sale Service: The appointed service team will also closely monitor your project for performance assessment and real-time feedback. If users still face issues with the functioning at any point in time, just a call should resolve the problem.

Why Alteza?
Alteza offers every possibility required from architecturally demanding buildings from a constructive and creative point of view. Opening up the world of customised solutions with the guarantee of precision, intelligent technical details, own production, installation management and discerning designs.

Alteza project planning is carried out by a product-oriented architectural advisers. Project management is executed by experts with vast experience in handling successfully very large and challenging building projects. Trouble-free project execution is ensured by well-practised logistics by a proven vehicle fleet and special cranes and installation teams specialised in the complex installation tasks.

Operating from state-of-the-art fabrication facilities in Bachupalle, Hyderabad, Alteza designs and fabricates a complete range aluminium windows and doors, and curtain-walling systems and handles installation across the country.

Alteza believes in operating with care, pride and integrity and continually evolves its practices to become more environmentally sustainable, and work with suppliers and other businesses that share our values.

Finally, Alteza aluminium windows and doors solutions are exclusively “made for you,” and designed to deliver the benefits of on-time and within budget delivery schedules.