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Aluminium Fixed Window

Aluminium fixed windows don’t open outwards or inward, but can maximize natural light throughout the interior spaces. But remember as our facades are often more window than wall these days, it becomes highly important for you to take into account the thermal performance, noise reduction and energy efficiency that Alteza aluminium fixed window designs can bring, and not just decide by how much natural light it will stream into interior spaces.

As Alteza aluminium fixed windows don’t need to be made to incorporate an opening mechanism, you are free to choose from a range of color, size, glass and glazing options that reflect your style and match your personality. Slim sightlines, more glass and less frame and better views, can be now customized.

There can be a huge variety in the quality of the aluminium fixed windows available on the market. Alteza aluminium fixed windows use virgin grade aluminium in the manufacture of the windows, ensuring that your windows are high on performance and built to last.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermally efficient
  • Noise reduction
  • Sleek – 30mm
  • Up to 7 feet high
  • Almost completely maintenance free
  • Highly robust and durable
  • Built to withstand wind load pressure of up to 3.5 kpa
  • Automation possible for hardware systems
  • Customization in terms of size, glass, glazing and color

Window Styles

Your Window. Your Style.

A home is the reflection of the ones who reside in it. With Alteza, you have the option to customize your windows to give your space the look and feel that perfectly suits your style. Play with colors, style your space with the window frame of your choice, and choose from a range of hardware, glass and glazing options. Alteza will help you keep the look you prefer while giving you all the benefits of modern windows.






Size & Color

The Alteza Advantage

Alteza is India’s leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the most extensive range of premium aluminium window and door systems. Manufactured using world-class technology and only the highest quality materials and hardware components, all Alteza window and door systems are inherently strong, lightweight and sustainable. They don’t just meet but also exceed the performance standards expected in modern building design.

10 Year Warranty

12 Years of Fabrication Experience

World-Class Technology

Highly Customizable

Wide Range