July 31, 2023

Sliding aluminium windows have emerged as a brilliant option for modern homes where style and substance are as important as practicality. These windows occupy lesser space, are easier to maintain and add great flair to homes. While the cleaning and maintenance of aluminium sliding windows are quite easy, they might need occasional repairs. The wheels may seize up due to wear and dirt accumulation. In addition to making the window difficult to open and close, this can also cause the track to wear out to the point where the window no longer opens or, worse yet, falls out totally if the broken wheels are not replaced. Let us figure out how to fix sliding windows when wheels are seized.

Materials required:

  • Measuring Tape
  •  Screw Driver
  •  Metal File
  • Hack Saw
  • Dust Pan
  1. Replacement window roller wheels-These are designed specifically for your window model. If you can’t find the right ones online, the best thing to do is remove one of the old ones and bring it to a hardware store or window supplier to match them.
  2. Replacement window tracks– These are expensive but worth the investment as they offer good value in comparison to replacing the window! The window tracks are available in a range of lengths, so measure your window and choose the one that comes the closest to fitting.

First Step to fix sliding window

Remove the window: The majority of these sliding window designs lift out. They can be fairly heavy, so be cautious  and ask for assistance if necessary. If it won’t lift out, look for tiny locking lugs at the top on either side that should unscrew, allowing you to raise and pull the object out.

There are two things you must examine. Turn the window upside-down slowly to inspect the tiny nylon plastic wheels. It’s likely that your windows are cracked or clogged with gunk if they haven’t been sliding smoothly. In such a scenario, we’ll swap those out in the following steps.

Second Step to fix sliding window

The window wheels
The wheels which enable the window to roll open and shut, are reasonably priced and incredibly simple to replace. Finding the right size can be the most difficult part. Do take note of the fact that the left and right wheels are typically mirror images of one another and move to either end of the window.

Utilising a flathead screwdriver, open up the old wheels and lever them out. (Always confirm that the new screws have the proper thread before getting rid of the old ones.)

-Use a brush to scrub the window’s bottom thoroughly.

-Install the replacement wheels while keeping an eye on the left and right positions. If your track is in good shape, all you have to do is wipe the track sill, put the window back in place, and you’re done.

-But if the track is harmed, avoid using your new plastic wheels on a damaged track because they could be quickly ruined by the sharp edges of the aluminium.

Third Step: New Track

Let’s get ready to put in the new window track. Take a brush and thoroughly clean the entire track area.

Use the tape to measure your track. It’s ok if your new track is a fraction of an inch (25mm) shorter; in fact, it will make installation simpler.

Cut the track to the proper length using a hacksaw. It will take some effort because these tracks are made of stainless steel and are fairly durable.

Use a clamp or vice to hold the track stationary. For smooth cuts, use a file.

Fourth Step: Installation

The installation process is also quite simple. The hardest part is getting everything in order.

Run a thin bead of silicone along the whole length of the bottom of the new track using a caulk gun or tube. To avoid squeezing out, start and stop about an inch (25mm) from each end.

Grab your track, loop one end over the old, damaged track, and gently press down on the new track as you lower it until the entire length is covered by the old track. 

Make sure the space at either end is uniform after it is down (approximately 12mm or 1/2″).