The Ultimate Guide to Aluminium Window Replacement Process

September 4, 2023

The appearance of an aluminium window can be eye-catching, whether it’s a casement window or a flush sash window. Its slim sightlines, smooth powder-coated surface, and crisp outline lend great style and satisfaction to homeowners’ quest for achieving perfect aesthetic standards. Apart from endless design possibilities, the durability of aluminium windows and door frames continues to be a key selling factor. The frames of these windows are typically stronger than those of wood or uPVC, enabling a thinner appearance and a bigger glass surface, which give aluminium windows their distinctive and contemporary appearance.

When to Replace Aluminium Windows?

Your home will gain great value if you invest in the right kind of windows. But, as with every other product, even windows have a specific lifespan and are subjected to certain wear and tear. If that happens, then it’s time to go for a repair or replacement. You can look for symptoms of deterioration that might point to the necessity of replacing windows sooner rather than later.

There might be numerous reasons why you might want to replace your windows, and the most common one is because they leak or are excessively drafty. Excessive draft can impact the thermal comfort of your home and if the draft levels are way beyond control, it’s time to get a new set of windows. Leaky windows are also a sign of replacement. Because they let in moisture that can destroy wood framing, leaky windows can be a major inconvenience as well as a safety threat. In the long run, replacing them can save you money because your annual energy costs will only shoot up if you ignore drafts and leaks. 

If the windows are substantially damaged, then that’s another reason to go for replacement. One might argue that they have already been fixed, but it’s still advisable to remove them from your homes until you are certain of the exact repairs that need to be made. If you purchased an older house with older windows, you should also think about replacing them as there is a high probability of significant wear and tear.

What to look for in fresh windows?

Energy-efficient windows are one of the best methods to cut utility costs for homeowners, who are constantly seeking ways to do so. These windows are designed to reduce heat loss in the winter and keep your home cooler in the summer. Apart from this, they also help in noise reduction because of their better acoustic properties. Low-E glass and glass that has argon gas packed in it are the two most popular forms of energy-efficient windows.

Low-E glass is made out of a special kind of glass that has a higher heat-insulating capacity than conventional glass. Glass loaded with argon gas absorbs heat and prevents it from entering a house. Both of these glasses permit light to pass through, providing an abundance of natural light while maintaining heat.

The amount of sunshine the glass lets in is another crucial consideration when selecting an energy-efficient window. You will probably experience higher heat loss and require thicker window glass if you have a large overhang or more glass panes to cover. On the other hand, if your exposure to sunlight is limited, pick a window that is translucent or semi-transparent and has thin panes which will reduce light obstruction. 

The right choice

Aluminium windows are rust-free and simple to keep clean and maintain. They are a much-preferred option because they require little upkeep. Additionally, aluminium is a totally sustainable material. It has a negligible impact on the environment and is completely recyclable and non-toxic. The aluminium recycling process requires just 5% of the initial energy that was needed to create it.

And Alteza can surely be the end of your search for a perfect partner for window replacement. Each and every product is precisely developed keeping your needs in mind. Whether you require a single aluminium window or sliding door for a penthouse apartment, a complete glazing package for a dream home, or hundreds of aluminium windows and doors for your new project, we’ve got you covered.