September 15, 2020

Why aluminium is the ideal choice for window frames

Before we get into the features and advantages of aluminium sliding windows, let us take a look at what makes aluminium windows and doors a good choice. Aluminium is known as the green metal because it is very eco-friendly when compared to other metals used in manufacturing. It is highly malleable, lightweight, yet it is as strong as steel. Aluminium is also a corrosion resistant metal. 100% of the metal can be recycled, and this saves 95% of the energy that is required to produce aluminium from raw materials. You can keep recycling aluminium forever, without losing any of its qualities.

When choosing aluminium windows and doors, always make it a point to opt for premium quality aluminium. Low-quality aluminium profiles are badly made, and they often lack multi-chambers. The thickness of the frame is never enough, so they cannot take the stress of wind load pressures. They are also highly prone to rusting, since the aluminium used is of inferior quality which also means that they are not at all durable. Low-end aluminium windows and doors also use thinner glass and are fitted with low quality imitation hardware.

Windows with slim frames are aesthetically pleasing and also highly functional. High-quality aluminium sliding window designs offer some of the slimmest framed opening window systems available. This lends a more modern & contemporary look to your interior design, and this also means that a higher percentage of your window will be glass, while the window still remains thermally efficient. Due to its strength and durability, sliding windows made of aluminium can be very large in size, which allows for uninterrupted views and maximum access to sunlight and ventilation.

Why choose Alteza aluminium windows

Alteza is one of the leading choice of homeowners and architects because it is made using state-of-the-art technology and only premium quality aluminium, made with the highest quality raw materials. Alteza uses best in class, virgin high grade aluminium and never recycled metal. The window profile frames are of superior quality and result in the slimmest possible profiles. They are highly durable, have a low Uf value, and are very easy to maintain. Alteza aluminium windows are corrosion and weather resistant, and look great for years without cracking, blistering, discolouring or rotting.

Features & benefits of Alteza aluminium sliding windows

  • Made from high quality virgin aluminium and not recycled
  • Use of world-class technology
  • Sleek sightlines
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable
  • The horizontal sash movement ensures better ventilation
  • Availability of multi-track systems
  • Branded genuine glass & hardware from OEMs
  • Optimum space utilization as the sashes open right to left or vice versa
  • Can withstand wind load pressure of up to 3.5 kpa
  • Can be as high as 7 feet

Alteza gives you the option to customize your aluminium sliding window designs in a way that perfectly suits your design aesthetic. Everything from size, colour, glass, glazing and hardware can be fully customized to suit specific needs.