December 15, 2020

Aluminium windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are easily customizable to suit your desired specification. Zeroing in on the right aluminium window frame, design and style can be a tricky task.

Aluminum sliding windows and aluminium casement windows are a go-to choice. They are both an excellent option for your home or office. They both provide high-performance functionality on the basis of energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, ventilation, safety and durability. However, they both provide certain different kinds of benefits, which we shall get into further.

Why Aluminium?

Also known as the green metal – Aluminium, today, is being heavily used in most manufacturing industries for its environment-friendly properties and its high durability and strength. Whether it be a new space or renovation of an old one, aluminium window frames are an excellent choice for every home or office or any other space. It is corrosion-resistant, highly malleable, lightweight, and yet as strong as steel. Aluminum windows come with slim frames that make them aesthetically pleasing and also highly functional. Aluminium windows and doors are extremely high-performance and easy on maintenance.

Aluminium Casement Windows

Casement windows are opened by cranking, usually attached by 2 or more hinges and can be opened either inwards or outwards or both. They come with an apparatus to keep the windows in place, like a safety hook or a friction hinge which is a useful feature during windy days.

Features of aluminium casement windows:

  1. They are highly customizable, can be altered and tailored as per your suitable window frame, style and fit
  2. Highly energy-efficient as they come with a tight seal when closed
  3. Offer excellent ventilation and air flow when opened, as they open wider than most other windows
  4. They are highly appealing and are very easy to operate
  5. These windows are highly secure as the lock is incorporated into the frame
  6. Easier to maintain and clean
  7. Casement windows are ideally suited for tall but narrow openings

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Sliding windows aren’t attached with a hinge, instead they move sideways. They are an ideal option where space is a constraint. They are very easy to operate as they come with two sashes and rollers at the bottom, giving you smooth side movements.

Features of aluminium sliding windows:

  1. Easy to open and far simpler to operate as the sash movement also ensures better ventilation
  2. Secure locking system
  3. Noise, dust, heat, and pollution resistant
  4. Available in a range of designs and colors
  5. Sliding windows are best suited for wide openings
  6. Lightweight yet strong and durable
  7. Slim yet sturdy frames

Whether you are looking for sliding windows or casement windows, Alteza has you covered. Alteza aluminium window and door frames are made from high quality raw materials that make them strong and resistant to cracking, warping, swelling or fading, giving you a window that lasts for years to come with minimal maintenance. Alteza gives you the option to customize your aluminium casement windows and sliding windows in a way that perfectly suits your desired aesthetic. From size and colour to glass and glazing, everything can be fully customized to suit your specific needs.