Aluminium vs. Steel Doors: Which is the Better Choice?

May 24, 2023

Making your dream home’s design decisions involves a lot of deliberations and can lead to a certain confusion. Your vision of your ideal house must be a combination of your personal style, the functionality of elements used and their practicality. When it comes to designing your home, your doors require special attention. Your doors are not just a gateway into your house but also a reflection of your personality and style. 

People trust a variety of materials for their house doors. Steel, aluminium, wood, and fibreglass are a few of the most preferred materials for these purposes. Steel doors are a great way to improve the look and value of your home. Many homeowners also like aluminium doors as an option as the benefits of aluminium doors are too many to ignore. Let’s examine some benefits and drawbacks of steel and aluminium doors which can help you make an informed choice.

Steel door vs Aluminium door: Major factors to consider

Here are some of the most crucial questions to consider when choosing between an aluminium door and a steel door.
Customization: What kind of door frame do you require? Are you looking for some special elements and patterns on your door? Do you have any unique glass cutouts in mind for your artwork?
Durability: What’s the composition of your door? Will it endure the external conditions? Which room will this door be used for?
Energy efficiency: Does your door have a thermal buffer or some other practical feature that keeps energy expenses low?
Weather conditions Do you reside in an area that experiences harsh weather? Does your home have a high risk of water damage? Do you require more security features for a front door? Does the door need corrosion protection?

Steel Doors: Advantages and Disadvantages

Custom steel doors come in a plethora of options. Steel front doors for residential neighbourhoods can make your property stand out. Custom steel and glass doors made using Portella’s distinctive galvanising method can reflect your design sense beautifully and fulfil the specific requirements of your home.

A bespoke steel entry door also assists in soundproofing your property if you reside next to a busy street or other noisy location.


  • Doors made of steel are strong, resilient, and long-lasting. A front door made of steel and glass appears to be both welcoming and protective.
  • Choosing custom steel doors is a wise move due to their energy efficiency. Steel doors can cut down heat conductivity through thermal break which consists of a foam core.  These steel front doors help in maintaining indoor temperatures and significantly lower energy expenses.
  • Doors made of steel are more affordable, and durable, and need fewer repairs than doors made of other materials. A steel front door can satisfy homeowners looking for minimal maintenance.


  • Even though they are strong, they are susceptible to regular wear and tear and can be damaged by harsh weather, such as salt air or torrential rain.
  • With repeated use, steel doors may also dent, and the damage may be challenging to repair. They are easily scratched, which can occasionally cause corrosion. They require paint jobs from time to time which means there’s a chance of chipping.

Aluminium Doors: Advantages and Disadvantages

Homeowners frequently choose aluminium doors because of their easy availability. Today, people want to stand out and are opting for unique appearances for their homes along with a contemporary style making aluminium doors a smart choice.


  • Your home can withstand extreme weather conditions with aluminium doors. They require little maintenance as they do not rust. Aluminium doors also provide better acoustic properties, making them soundproof and preventing outside noise from entering your house.
  • Aluminium doors are incredibly dependable, require little maintenance and are sturdy enough to survive for many years. Due to their recyclable nature, they are a fantastic option for homeowners who prefer sustainability.


  • The cost of aluminium doors is higher than those made of steel, and metal and the prices are always fluctuating. You might also need additional aluminium protection as they are not as sturdy as steel. This may lead to a hike in your home decor budget.
  • Aluminium doors require thicker door frames since they are not as strong as steel. Although aluminium entry doors don’t rust, water can discolour them and cause corrosion over a period. This can spoil the look if proper maintenance is not provided.