December 31, 2020

Now-a-days, comfort and convenience is the standard criterion when opting for any service. Finding an aluminum windows and doors company which also provides excellent service, delivering end-to-end solutions is extremely crucial. It is very important that you find a manufacturer that provides services from start to finish and even post installation, since maintenance is a part and parcel of the product.

As aluminum door and window systems become popular by the day, opting for the perfect supplier can be of critical importance. But choosing among several aluminum windows and doors manufacturers can be a tough task. While the quality and performance of the product, customization options, and the technology and raw materials used, are critical factors, one should also consider if your aluminium windows supplier can provide a hassle-free end-to-end solution.

End-to-end support services @ Alteza

Alteza is among the very few aluminum windows and doors suppliers in India that provide end-to-end solutions—right from survey and design to fabrication, installation and post-sales support— Alteza takes care of it all. Alteza brings to you an overall manufacturing solution for all your aluminum windows and doors furnishing requirements ensuring hassle-free service and maintenance.

Survey & design consultation

Being one of the major aluminium windows and doors manufacturers in India, Alteza’s executives start a one-on-one consultation process right at the beginning when the survey executives visit your place and take necessary measurements. They keep in mind your functional and aesthetic needs to deliver the right solution for you. Whether it is installation of a new aluminum window or door, or replacing an old one, Alteza’s executives will help you get the perfect solutions for your site.

Fabrication & delivery

Alteza’s aluminum windows and doors are made of high-quality virgin aluminium, with world-class technology alongside a stringent quality control mechanism. Further, we make use of branded authentic components, high-quality glazing and reliable hardware. Our executives actively make sure that high-quality and high-finishing products are supplied to you safely, on scheduled time.

Installation & maintenance

We are devoted to delivering high-quality service at every stage of the process. Our installation and maintenance team experts take care of minute disorientations and ensure seamless installation of aluminum window and door systems, while they also direct you through operations and maintenance. Our team tests your windows and doors before and after installing them, and then checks all the joints, channels, hardware, glazing, etc before handing it over to you.

Post-sale services

Post-sale services are one of the most essential parts of any aluminum windows or doors installation. Post installation of your new aluminum frames, or even replacement of the old ones, our installation team oversees further examination on its functioning to ensure that it delivers maximum output.

If you face any issues with the performance of your windows or doors, simply raise an inquiry and our technicians will visit your place and solve the issue in an effective and a professional manner.

At Alteza, we help you design windows and doors that fit your custom needs and come in a range of styles. We ensure smooth and hassle-free end-to-end support services right from the selection of your desired aluminium frames design to the exceptional after-sale services – making us one of the most trusted aluminum windows and doors manufacturers in India.