October 31, 2020

With the ever-increasing power costs and a continuous awareness about the environmental impact our daily living activities have, more and more people are consciously attempting to make their spaces eco-friendly and energy-efficient in more ways than one.

As we work hard towards building a cleaner and greener environment, it is of the utmost importance to integrate energy efficiency into our residential and commercial projects. Especially with windows and doors, that are the main source of heat escape and transfer in any space.

What impacts energy efficiency?

While you’re installing new windows and doors or replacing old ones, it is recommended to opt for those that provide superior thermal efficiencies like aluminium windows and doors. Aluminium is not only a green, eco-friendly metal but is also widely used in the construction industry due to its several benefits over traditional materials like wood.

Here are some ways in which aluminium windows and doors can be highly energy efficient:

Quality of aluminium– Always opt for Aluminium window frames that are manufactured using superior quality raw materials and advanced technology. If you install poorly built windows, it can significantly decrease the thermal insulation. Further, avoid any aluminium window frames that are recycled from aluminium scrap, even if they seem cost-effective, as they will only reduce your insulation thereby increasing your bills. Instead, go for profiles made with high-grade virgin aluminium.

Type of glass – Another thing to keep in mind is the type of glass your fabricator uses in your aluminium windows. This can determine how efficient your windows are and will be. Local fabricators may often use a low-quality thin glass, that in turn decreases the efficiency. Although tinted glass or a double-coated glass may seem a little expensive initially, it can actually help reduce your energy costs in the long run. Therefore, it is advisable to buy from a brand that has a good reputation in the market for their products as the thicker the glass is, the better the energy efficiency.

Weather seals– Poorly sealed windows are capable of hindering your energy efficiency as they may not successfully trap the cool air indoors during summer and the warm air during winter. Other gaps and cracks in and around the frames can also reduce the thermal insulation since air can easily escape through them. Even if you are not installing new aluminium windows and doors, keep a check on the seals and replace them if required. Only those aluminium window frames that have premium quality weather seals can ensure greater insulation.

Double and triple glazing– Double glazing refers to the process when two panes of glass are fitted within the window, along with an air space existing between them. This can dramatically reduce all forms of heat transfer and hence is an important factor to be considered. The vacuum or air between the panes plays a key role in acting as an insulator and can also be filled with gases like argon to ensure lower conduction.

You can also opt for triple glazed aluminium window frames designs, depending on your requirements and your geographical location.

The Alteza Advantage

All Alteza aluminium windows and doors are designed specifically to prevent heat transfer through the frame. Their high performing low E glass reflects heat back into the atmosphere, minimizing interior heat gain and lowering the need to use air-conditioners, in turn reducing power bills by up to 30%.

The tightly sealed gap present between the glazing is combined with a double-rebated design and double draft-resistant seals, to minimize heat gains. This not only keeps the interiors cool during summers and warm during winters, but also helps keep the noise out, making for calmer indoors.

Benefits of Alteza

  • Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology
  • Built with only non-recycled, high-quality virgin aluminium
  • Superior quality weather seals
  • Sleek sightlines
  • Light in weight but highly durable
  • Multi-point locks for enhanced security
  • Reduces noise effectively and reduce energy costs
  • Premium quality glass & hardware from OEMs
  • Can withstand wind load pressure of up to 3.5 kpa
  • Extremely easy to maintain and clean

Alteza is one of the leading and most trusted brands for homeowners and architects because it manufactures only premium quality aluminium windows and doors that are made using cutting-edge technology. Made with high-grade virgin aluminium, all the aluminium window frames designs are of superior quality and result in the slimmest possible profiles that are highly durable, have a low Uf value, and don’t require frequent or expensive repairs.