How Premium Aluminium Window and Door Systems Can Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

May 24, 2023

The role of doors and windows has evolved beyond providing a stylish look to a home along with some functional benefits. Today, homeowners are also considering factors like energy efficiency and the presence of green building materials in their products. Cost efficiency, electricity consumption and sustainable home design are some of the key factors driving consumer choices. This is where aluminium doors and windows have emerged as a go-to solution, answering every consumer need.

Energy efficiency through aluminium windows and doors

Energy-efficient windows and doors are essential for controlling heat gain and loss throughout the seasons. They have a direct impact on how much energy is used in a home. Windows and doors of a house are said to be responsible for 50% of the heat losses in the winter and 90% of the heat gains in the summer. By opting for sustainable living solutions in the form of aluminium windows in your home, you can enhance your comfort levels considerably. However, just using the aluminium option for doors and windows isn’t enough as your home’s energy efficiency also depends on a few additional factors:

  • Choosing the right type

This is a crucial element that has an impact on the home’s energy efficiency. The diversity of patterns available makes it simple to select the right glass type for your home’s décor and preferences.

  • Window’s Age

Older windows typically have holes or cracks in the casement, which reduces their energy efficiency. Even occasional normal maintenance might not make a difference. Older windows and doors must eventually be replaced with high-performance windows and doors for greater cost and functional benefits.

Key Benefits of aluminium windows and doors

  • Durable

Aluminium is a material with a long lifespan and is more durable than others. It is also rust-proof and resistant to several foreign elements. This is due to the approved surface treatment applied to aluminium window surfaces.

  • Cost Effective Option

Without a doubt, aluminium doors and windows are more affordable and practical than other materials. It is a better option over time because of its long lifespan and superior energy performance.

  • Easier Maintenance

The low maintenance requirements of aluminium windows and doors are one of its best features. These windows and doors do not corrode or fade, making maintenance a breeze. Homeowners need to just frequently wipe and dust the frames and they will surely last longer.

  • Visually Appealing

The variety of options that aluminium windows provide you is certainly second to none. An aluminium window or door can be customised to your preferences for design, regardless of shape or size. You can also go for insulated window frames to experience better aesthetics as well as lower energy consumption.

When all of this is taken into account, it is evident that aluminium windows are not only energy efficient but also feature-rich and adaptable, which is unquestionably a huge upgrade over your existing windows and doors.

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