March 30, 2021

Present day home designs effortlessly merges style with function. It doesn’t just bring along creative applications but widely popularizes the use of non-traditional materials like aluminium and glass over wood and acrylic.

Due to its high-strength and versatility, aluminium has been used as a construction material for years. Initially used in panels and frames, today aluminium windows and doors have become a style statement providing excellent performance and a metallic sheen to both residential and commercial spaces. Aluminium, as a building material is far superior to many of its traditional counterparts, here’s why.

  • Durability

In terms of durability, aluminium doors and windows surpass any other traditional window or door systems as they are highly resistant to damage from corrosion, warping or rotting. Unlike wood, aluminium frames retain their shine and performance for many years.

Aluminium windows and doors are also ideal for any geographical location as they can withstand harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or cold without expanding or contracting. Thus, making it a better choice.

  • Cost

Being cheaper than natural timber, aluminium provides the best value for your money. Aluminium doors and windows are considered a one-time long-term investment as they are highly energy-efficient and have a sturdy, secure build. Further, it is less expensive to customize, install or replace aluminium windows and doors.

Speaking of maintenance costs, aluminium is better than its counterparts due to its low maintenance need, since they are resistant to rusting, fading or discolouring, whereas timber on the other hand requires high maintenance, thus making it heavy on the pocket.

  • Styles and finishes

Aluminium frames offer the greatest flexibility when it comes to customizing your home using different styles and finishes for your doors and windows. Their frames come with an excellent range of textures, colours and laminates. This way, one can opt for natural timber or bamboo-like finishes to effectively mimic the look of natural wood or timber without worrying about the maintenance hassles of it.

To ensure they operate smoothly and look as good as new for years, all one needs to do is clean them using soapy water and a dry cloth once in a while, thus eliminating the need for extensive or regular maintenance and cleaning.

  • Energy efficiency and thermal insulation

In comparison to all its competitors, aluminium is far more energy-efficient and helps greatly enhance thermal comfort in any space. It helps limit heat and energy loss and adjusts to the environment to keep your homes warmer in winters and cooler in summers. Added with the right glass and glazing options, aluminium doors and windows can help reduce high energy bills significantly.

  • Lightweight and flexible

Aluminium as a material is light in weight but extremely strong in its composition and strength. Being one of the lightest commercially available metals, it is widely used by architects and construction workers in the building industry. It is a strong metal with a natural protective thin oxide coating that prevents it from corroding.

  • Eco-friendly

Popularly known as the green metal, aluminium is regarded as one of the best choices for building environment-friendly, sustainable homes. Aluminium is not only easy to recycle but can be recycled 100% and reused. Moreover, using aluminium also helps reduce your carbon footprint and save natural timber.

Why choose Aluminium?

  1. Long-lasting, highly reliable and durable windows and doors
  2. Greater energy efficiency and lesser energy consumption
  3. Extremely light in weight and flexible
  4. Highly recyclable and reusable
  5. Can be customized using attractive colours and finishes
  6. Easy to install and easier to maintain
  7. Great for the environment

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