Customization in aluminium windows and doors

November 15, 2020

In recent years, the popularity of aluminium windows and doors in the market has increased manifold. Buyers now have the option to choose from a range of different shapes, sizes, colours, frames and more. Opting for customized aluminium windows and doors is a great way to reflect your style and create a unique space for yourself.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, customizing aluminium windows and doors to perfectly suit your needs is no longer a lengthy and chaotic process. There are several ways in which you can custom-design your aluminium windows and doors.

Types of glass

You can select from a wide variety of different types of glasses, right from clear glass to toughened, that are available in varied thicknesses. The thickness and type of glass you opt for should depend on your requirements and purpose.

  • Tinted– This glass protects you against the harmful UV rays that enter indoors. Tinted glass not only reduces the intensity of white light but also provides a sense of privacy.
  • Clear– This is a high-clarity glass that is also known as float glass. It works well with basic aluminium sliding windows and is a low-cost, colourless clear glass.
  • Frosted– Frosted glass is a translucent glass that is not completely see-through but allows light to enter the interiors. It has various patterns and designs including etched and coated that come with different levels of privacy to match your requirements.
  • Toughened– Customized aluminium window designs that need an extra-strong glass should go for a toughened or tempered glass. It is best suited for balcony windows and doors as they enhance the security of the house. They also make for better and higher energy efficiency.
  • Laminated– This type of glass is well known for its extra strength and security when added to aluminium windows and doors. Created by fusing at least two panes, this glass enhances heat insulation and doesn’t shatter when broken.

Choice of glazing

Depending on various factors like the location of your house, its geographical setting and other functional requirements, you can choose to opt for single or double glazed aluminium windows.

  • Single Glazed– This consists of just one pane of glass. While they are easy on the pocket, they may not be the best option if you’re looking for superior insulation.
  • Double Glazed– Double glazing consists of two panes of glass with a tightly sealed space in between that helps in considerably reducing noise pollution and also provides efficient insulation, keeping indoors warm in winters and cool in summers.

Add a mesh

Adding a mesh to your aluminium sliding windows and doors not only increases the privacy but also allows fresh air to circulate within the interiors. A mesh also helps to keep insects and other bugs at bay.

  • SS Mesh– This mesh is known for its extreme durability and high stability of the pore geometry. This helps in delivering a protective screen without missing out on the aesthetics.
  • Fiber Mesh– High-quality fiber mesh is created to provide maximum security and is easy to wash and maintain.


When you buy aluminum windows, you will get to choose from a variety of different colors. Alteza delivers high-quality finishes including polyester powder coating,and anodizing finish available in both solid and metallic colors. These are also highly resistant to staining, scratching and fading, which makes them look as great as new for years. With Alteza, you also get the choice to have one color on the outside of the frame and another on the inside.

Elegant wood finish

If you’re buying new customized aluminium windows and doors or replacing older ones, consider getting a wood finish on them. They come with the elegance and richness of natural timber without the maintenance hassles of it. Further, the price of aluminium windows and doors is lesser when compared to traditional wood. Explore our range of attractive natural wood-looking finishes, available in 25 different shades.

Alteza aluminium frames are built from superior quality aluminium metal which makes it resistant to cracking, fading, corroding or swelling. Check out our extensive range of customization options and pick from different styles, glass, laminates and colours to tailor design your space beautifully.