July 31, 2023

Glass doors, whether bifold or sliding, are among the most common fixtures in contemporary homes and renovation projects. These doors were formerly only used in business settings and have been modified by manufacturers to be tiny, light, and sturdy enough to be utilised in homes. Both bifold and sliding doors have many advantages; let’s go through some of them.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors fold in on themselves in an accordion-like fashion. Hinges link between panels and they move along a track. They’re a great visual addition to your home and provide a wide panoramic view of the world outside.

Bifolding doors are similar to folding closet doors and room dividers. They are perfect for folks who enjoy entertaining visitors and desire a great opening between indoor and outdoor spaces as they are elegant in appearance.

These are suited for both large and small settings. You can practically open up a full wall of your house to beautiful outdoor views by using multiple bifold doors. Additionally, bifold doors are more effective in lowering the threshold and are more practical for people who use wheelchairs. Bifold doors can be used to make stunning curves and even turn around corners with a unique design. Although bifold doors are more expensive than sliding patio doors, they will surely transform your home’s vibe and make it feel more open and spacious

Pros of Bifolding doors

  • Provide terrific panoramic views
  • Suitable for homes with large patios and balconies
  • Widely available
  • Customizable in colours, materials and designs

Cons of Bifolding doors

  • When closed, they will obstruct the view
  • Costlier than French doors or sliding doors
  • Need a professional hand for installation
  • Some doors might have drainage issues

Sliding doors

Two or more big glass panels are used in sliding doors, and they move sideways to the end of a frame. The glass panes can be larger than those in bifold doors and fit behind one another, providing a view that is more unhindered. The price of sliding and bifold doors remains the same if the size of the glass pane is similar. 

However, sliding doors will cost more if the glass is larger. Frame material also impacts the price and you get a wide variety of choices ranging from wood, composite or engineered wood, uPVC, or aluminium for any style of door. 

Sliding doors are an excellent option if you don’t need the doors to fully open or if you don’t have enough room for bifold doors. They are simple to use and complement a range of architectural styles.

Pros of Sliding doors

  • Provide great view even when closed
  • Available in 2-panel and 4-panel options lending grand views
  • Can be easily customized as per need.

Cons of Sliding doors

  • Limited  configuration options
  • Door panels will be always visible unless its a pocket sliding door