December 19, 2022

About Aluminium windows

Aluminium is an excellent material for making windows since it has numerous properties that contribute to the sustainability of your home. Whether your pick is double-glazed or triple-glazed, the material quality remains the highest.

Aluminium windows and doors are being put in every modern building right now because they are built with flexibility, simplified fabrication, excellent quality, improved performance, and support for quick installation.

Reasons to replace existing windows with aluminium

It Reduces noise pollution: Aluminium has exceptional sound insulating capability of up to 30 decibels by simply causing the sound wave to lose power.

It is Eco-friendly: Aluminium alloy is an architect-grade alloy and is also completely recyclable. 100% of the metal can be recycled, and this saves 95% of the energy required to produce aluminium from raw materials. 

It Minimises interior heat: Aluminium window and door profiles are designed specifically to prevent heat transfer through the frame. Low E glass fixed with aluminium profiles reflects heat back into the atmosphere, minimising interior heat gain and lowering the use of air conditioners, helping reduce power bills by up to 30%

When to replace your aluminium windows?

Though the aluminium material is a good investment and lasts for nearly 3 decades, there are a few reasons to consider replacing your aluminium windows and door with new ones:

When the material loses its heat transfer potential: Aluminum is a substance with heat conductivity or heat transfer qualities. Though it makes your power bill charges less, you might consider replacing the windows when you experience the windows not changing their temperatures with the climate change and room temperature changes. 

Condensation of Aluminium profiles: The more aluminium profiles are grazed the more they reflect heat, if you have single-pane aluminium windows then replacing them with double, triple-grazed aluminium would be enough, as single-pane aluminium profiles have less heat transfer capability than the others.

Alteza has designed Aluminium windows that fit your home precisely, are capable of withstanding any climate variations, will last for a long time, are easy to install, and are produced with excellent quality. These aluminium profiles will make your home more stylish and will help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.