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100 laminate colours and finishes of aluminium windows and doros

100+ laminate colours and finishes

Apr 30, 2021

For decades, we have seen windows and doors as two of the most functionally important parts of a house. Undoubtedly, they play an indispensable role in bringing in natural light, providing ventilation and maintaining the security and comfort of a house. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to swear by the conventional colour schemes when installing their windows and doors, focusing only on their function and neglecting their style and design.

With the advancements in building technology and the increasing popularity of custom-designed interior decor, today, you can choose from the widest range of styles, laminate colours, prints and finishes for your windows and doors. Experiment as you like, or opt for a style that matches the rest of your decor as you can choose from an endless variety of laminate colours.

In contrast to other traditional building materials, aluminium windows and doors are extremely low-maintenance, highly durable and offer superior energy efficiency. They are perfectly suited for all weather conditions and work just as good as new even after years of use. Colours in aluminium windows and doors are gaining fast popularity among builders and homeowners, thanks to their numerous benefits.

Alteza, one of India’s most trusted aluminium profile manufacturers offers premium quality coloured aluminium windows and doors in over 100+ styles and laminate finishes. Read on to learn more about the different types of finishes we deliver.

  • Polyester Powder Coating

This process involves the use of powder coating technology which helps paint the windows and doors in a clean, precise and weather-resistant way. One can choose from a huge range of over a hundred different RAL colours, thus building windows that are bright, attractive and long-lasting. Powder coated windows provide a virtually endless range of colours for windows and doors, that perform exceptionally well even in harsh weather conditions.

  • Attractive Anodizing Finish

Another popular choice for coloured windows and doors is opting for an anodizing finish. At Alteza, we employ state-of-the-art-technology and advanced engineering to build both solid and metallic anodizing finishes. Go classic with the silver matt finish or experiment with the champagne or black finish. For a more rustic look, you can choose from light bronze, medium bronze or a dark bronze finish.

  • Wood finishes

One of the most popular choices, wooden finish aluminium windows mimic the look and feel of natural timber, without bringing any of it’s maintenance hassles. They are not only more economical and easy to install and maintain but come with extremely high durability and resistance to corrosion or insect infestations.

Alteza offers natural wood-looking finishes in over 25 different shades, so that you can choose the one that matches your interiors. You can even opt for a dual look, with one colour on the inside and a different one on the other side of the frame. Give your windows an elegant makeover and get rid of all their maintenance worries with Alteza’s high quality wood finish aluminium windows.

The Alteza Advantage

Here’s what makes us one of India’s leading aluminium window suppliers

  • 12 years of fabrication experience
  • Widest range of solutions
  • Comprehensive 10 year warranty
  • End-to-end services provider
  • Highly customizable windows & doors
  • All-weather profiles built to last
  • Slimmer frames for better views
  • 100+ colours for windows and doors

With years of expertise in the construction industry and an unmatched fabrication and design experience, Alteza is highly reputable for its superior performing aluminium windows and doors that match international standards. Explore our website and check out our extensive range of colours aluminium windows and doors to give a stunning transformation to your place.

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