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Best Aluminium Villa Windows

Alteza’s Villa Windows Are A Perfect Mix Of Style And Security

May 31, 2022

Each villa’s decor reveals a distinct story about the inmates’ interests and preferences. Windows are capable of adding the “wow” factor to your villa’s interior concept, but only when you choose windows that secure your interior space without having to compromise the aesthetics of your villa.

Owing to their environmental stewardship, aluminium windows have proven to be an excellent choice for modern homes.

What is it about aluminium solutions that makes them so popular among homeowners?

– Aluminium is a highly malleable metal that serves as a robust alternative for windows and doors.

– Aluminium windows are 100% recyclable, making them Mother Earth’s truest friends.

– These windows, unlike bulky typical windows, are light in weight and long-lasting.

– When compared to other options, high-quality aluminium windows are offered at affordable prices.

Why choose aluminium windows?

  1. Durability: Popularized as one of the most sturdy metals, aluminium can easily be fabricated into any style and stays in good shape for years together without losing its natural properties.
  2. Secured Solution: These aluminium windows come with safety grills and mesh that acts as a bug screen to prevent external pollutants from disrupting the harmony within. Multi-point locking allows you to experience enhanced security.
  3. Customization: Tailoring the windows of your villa with the colour, size, glazing and mesh of your choice to match the interior design is a breeze with Alteza.
  4. Energy Efficiency: The low E glass reflects back the scorching rays and prevents transfer of heat through the frame. An effective sealing system also helps lower the temperatures within, saving up to 30% on power expenses.
  5. Excellent Functionality: The strong sound-insulating ability of aluminium windows reduces external noise by up to 30 dB. Our windows are self-extinguishing in the event of a fire since they are manufactured with guaranteed non-inflammable features. Superior hardware sourced from European markets facilitates the smooth operation of villa windows. Our window systems are exposed to stringent quality control mechanisms, including tests against wind pressures of 3000 Pa with a frontal deflection, which makes them ideal for villas located in coastal areas or exposed to high-velocity winds.

The Alteza Advantage:
With a comprehensive warranty and best-in-class virgin aluminium of 6063 grade, we offer slim-framed windows with expansive views.

As a part of the well-known Aparna Group, Alteza has an impeccable track record of delivering premium windows with hassle-free installation and end-to-end support.

Reach out to us in order to find the ideal villa window system for your house.

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