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Overview Of Aluminium Windows & Doors Market – 2022

Dec 31, 2021

Aluminium is at the core of India’s infrastructural development and has found its way to supply various industries such as construction, defence, automotive, energy, solar panels, packaging, and transportation.

In the consumption of aluminium is very low in the country and is pegged at 2.5 kg per capita compared to the world average of 11 kg. The Indian construction industry accounts for 13% of the overall annual aluminium requirement which works out to just 4 million tonnes. Aluminium is second most consumed metal in the world, and last year its consumption reached 88 million tonnes!

Aluminium Windows and Doors Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has widely impacted the building & construction industry, resulting in a significant drop in revenue in the market. The overall global market exhibited a drop of over 7% in
the fiscal year 2020-21.

The reason for this is the decline in construction activities across the globe and in India as well. This activity is projected to restart, as the market will bounce back to normal levels. The global residential segment alone is projected to generate a demand exceeding 10 billion square feet by 2027.

The key benefit of aluminium windows and doors which undergo a process called anodization, protects aluminium profiles from rust, pitting, and other elements that shorten the lifespan. These windows and doors are highly durable, require minimal maintenance and ensure increase in security. These benefits will drive the use of aluminium windows and doors over the next several years.

Then of course the expected growing demand of the refurbishing segment coupled with the increasing preference for aesthetically appealing infrastructure will provide the impetus for growth in the overall market. Additionally, the increased migration of the Indian rural population to urban centres and the impetus of resulting subsidies that will be extended to the construction sector will have a positive impact on the demand for aluminium windows and doors.

Overall, the global market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 3% between 2022 and 2027 and reach an approximate value of USD 70 Billion by 2027.

APAC will be the leading market

Asia Pacific windows and doors market is slated to grow by 6.4% through 2027. The Government of India plans to reform land acquisition laws that inhibit the government’s ability to sanction land for new constructions. This plan will encourage window & door manufacturers in the country, and foster more investment in the sector’s  growth.

The expected overall economic growth in India is likely to increase due to consumer expenditure power. The growing preference for installing aluminium in institutional buildings, such as hospitals, colleges and hotels will also play a major role in driving product penetration even further.

Make in India, made for the world

Manufacturers and fabricators in India are currently focusing on the development of new products that offer enhanced thermal insulation and weather-proof windows and doors for superior durability. The design for these windows and doors is based on the customization requirements from customers such as the size and application of the product.

Corrosion resistant properties of these products coupled with fire & high impact resistance, among other benefits which will help boost the demand for aluminium windows and doors in commercial and industrial buildings.

Future of aluminium windows and doors

Emerging trends will impact the dynamics of the industry even further. You will soon see the introduction of high impact aluminium windows and doors, products that will deliver higher energy efficiencies, and the growing trend of replacing wooden windows and doors by eco-friendly aluminium. In the Indian context, the aluminium window segment is expected to become the largest market.

According to Lucintel’s market report, the future of aluminium windows and doors market looks bright with new opportunities promising rapid growth in business. This is driving more investments in manufacturing techniques with an aim to bring down the cost of manufacturing higher quality products, and increase the overall efficiency.

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