November 30, 2021

Today Aluminium Sliding Doors have become the preferred choice of discerning architects, specifiers and home owners across the country. Minimal aesthetics, stylish these doors bring a wealth of benefits that enhance the value of a property.

While there are many aluminium door manufacturers and fabricators, but only a few can offer a complete system solution that will bridge the gap between your specific needs and the benefits such doors can deliver seamlessly. It is always in your interest to bring home an unrivalled level of customization with a wide range of configuration options to fulfil the style you have on mind.

Premium Aluminium Sliding Doors crafted for you
What isn’t commonly known is that premium aluminium sliding doors offer more than just style – they offer the chance to upgrade your property’s performance, security, comfort levels and unparalleled thermal efficiency and energy conservation not possible by any other kind of door.

All thanks to the incredibly slim frame, residents can enjoy uninterrupted views because of a minimal border around a very large, glazed panel of glass. Apart from this advantage, the premium aluminium sliding door design permits minimal sightline and an unmatched amounts of ventilation and inflow of natural sunlight. Not only breathing life into your interiors, but also creating an unrivalled sense of openness and airiness, making the interior spaces feel bigger.

Unlike plain aluminium doors, the Premium Aluminium Sliding Doors are versatile and come with features like a thermal bridge to ensure that your property stays cool in summer and warm in winter. These doors are specially designed to keep the heat out, meaning residents can enjoy cooler interiors without having to run their air-conditioners all the time, ending up paying higher electricity bills.

Boost the value of your property
Premium Aluminium Sliding Doors bring a classic design to your home, as well as add a modernistic touch to it without having to break the bank. These sliding doors are a cost-effective and very low maintenance solutions designed to face extreme weather conditions and to endure heavy usage. They are built to last and are covered by a 10-year warranty.

3 Track Premium Aluminium Sliding Door Systems
Triple Track premium Aluminium Sliding Doors are a brilliant alternative to a bi-folding doors when you have to deal with very large openings in homes, luxury apartments and commercial buildings. The 3-tracks permit multiple sashes to slide open fully to either sides, allowing easy access to the world outside. They are extremely user-friendly; engineered for lasting performance; and packed with features that exude the best in contemporary design.

Premium Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors
Make a design statement. Blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor. Fill your interior spaces natural light. These are the few reasons why premium Aluminium Bi-Fold doors are ideal.

Not only do they deliver fantastic value but also beauty only slim sightlines (just 19mm),can bring to any property. Precision engineered and sturdily crafted, they are available in a range of configurations to suit your needs, glazing and finishes to suit any project.

These next generation premium bi-folding doors come with a host of features, such as interlocking doors for higher security, low friction nylon wheels that help the doors fold and roll smoothly on concealed tracks. They are quite simply truly amazing!

When to opt for a Sliding Bi-Fold Door?
You can use this type of door in extensions of the kitchen, living and dining areas. Bi-Fold doors can also be used in commercial bars and restaurants and shops in the high street.

Are they expensive? This is a common question and the answer is, it depends. On the overall width of the opening; number of door panels required to cover the opening; and the type of glazing you want to specify — double glazed, triple glazed, laminated glass and other preferences.

How secure are Bi-Fold Doors?
Premium Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors have a host of in-built security features that make them very safe against forced entry. These bifold doors come with a sturdy handle, and when turned through 180* degrees, engage a locking bolt at the top and the bottom of the door firmly into the frame.

The premium Aluminium bi-fold door hardware and track system come with several locking points that Making it very tough to lift the doors out of its frame. Multi-point locking system are fitted to most bifold doors on the lead door and spread over the height of the door.

Additional ‘wow’ factor’
Don’t rush. Because colour is a matter of subjective preferences. So make time to select the colour you like your premium Aluminium Sliding Doors to come in. Remember, this is normally influenced by the style of the property, and of course the other doors and windows that are found around it.

You can go for a factory-finished powder coated colour of your choice or settle for a neutral contemporary anthracite grey or the more stylish black. You can also choose a metallic finish if you like. You could also choose to have your premium aluminium sliding door in a dual finish — have the inside in one colour and the outer frame in another colour so that it does not disturb the overall interior design.

About Alteza
Alteza Premium Aluminium Sliding Doors don’t just offer unparalleled aesthetics but equally unparalleled performance. With superior thermal efficiency, your property can enjoy U-values as low as x.xW/m²K, ensuring a consistently comfortable interior temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

On top of this, Alteza Premium Aluminium Sliding Doors keep the elements at bay in the harshest of weather conditions, with a class x in air permeability, a class xA in water tightness, a class Cx in wind resistance and achieve 40 dB Rw in maximum acoustic insulation. Alteza. The perfect Premium Aluminium Sliding Door solutions that surpass international standards.

The design of Alteza premium aluminium sliding door system succeeds in combining state-of-the-art sustainability requirements with excellent insulation performance and a clear design idiom not found in others.