Choosing the right colour for your aluminium windows

June 7, 2023

Aluminium windows provide the desired beauty and sophistication that today’s homeowners are yearning for. Whether it’s for contemporary home designs or vintage-looking homes, aluminium windows are becoming a common option for homeowners worldwide. What was formerly the standard construction material for just commercial buildings is now becoming a highly popular option for domestic design purposes as well.

One of the most appealing aspects of these aluminium windows is the wide array of colour choices that they present. There are many common as well as non-standard colours available that can give your home a stylish makeover. The right colour choice for your aluminium windows should be a combination of your personal style, market trends and practicality. Let’s take a deeper look at some of these factors that may inspire you for your home decor project.

1. Home aesthetics

Consider your home’s aesthetic as the foremost factor when selecting your window shade and frames. Do you want to gently blend in with your property or make a huge statement? This question can provide you with a good head start. It’s also crucial to take into account the age and design of your property. While newly built homes may appear best with contemporary-grey tints, traditionally built homes typically favour more neutral tones.

2. The tone

Windows in black and white are frequently chosen because of their simplicity and universality. Both choices have enduring charm and may be used for any property. Darker frames can look quite sophisticated and make a grand statement, especially when paired with lighter-coloured houses. Lighter frames, on the other hand, can give a home a brighter, more tidy appearance. Also, keep in mind that you may always choose a different colour for the internal window frame to match your décor.

3. Neighbourhood

Have your neighbours made a bold statement or stuck with more conventional muted colours? Do you reside in a modern metropolitan setting where bold statement hues are fashionable or in a charming timeless village where the colour palette is soft and natural? Seek an answer to these and you’ll end up with the right choice. Always pay attention to your surroundings for hints about the ideal colour scheme.

4. Neutral colours

A majority of people are drawn to neutral colours. These colours exude a warm and welcoming vibe and give a relaxed feeling. Historically, “neutral” has meant beige or tan, but why limit yourself to the neutrals of the past? Shades of grey, black, and blue are considered to be cool neutrals and are a great addition to any contemporary space.

5. Interiors

The hardest part of choosing aluminium window frame colours is figuring out what will work with your existing strategy. Your aluminium frame colours and windows should be in alignment with your existing decor and not draw away from them

Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Contrasting windows complement traditional or rustic designs. Think about using a cosy, hand-spun cinnamon trim to contrast the calming taupe walls.
  • Modern colour schemes mix well and can combine to form numerous colour samples. Choose tones that are similar to your interior yet distinct enough to evoke a more modern appeal.


Choosing the right frame and design for your windows is a critical decision that can add significantly to the look and value of your home. And Aparna Alteza can help you make the right choice for window frames, designs and colours. All Alteza items are crafted at our state-of-the-art facility in Hyderabad using cutting-edge German machinery and the finest components and materials available.