October 6, 2021

Modern Aluminium doors are hugely popular and have become a preferred choice with specifiers, builders, extenders and home owners. They are popular for good reason, their benefits span performance as well as style. If you are considering specifying aluminium doors for your clients, it is important to note that the brand you opt for will have a massive effect on not just the overall appearance of your project but also on your budget.

This is why it makes sense to spend time taking into account all the choices out there when specifying analuminium doors brand. You will need to make decisions on everything from the type of glazing you want to frame styles and colours, finishes and finally on your own cost-benefits assessment.

As you are aware, slimline aluminium doors feature a minimalistic design, they have very thin sightlines to give a truly stunning, glazed finish. Every brand will claim to offer the slimmest sightlines yet. However, before you let this claim lure you in, do some research on what’s actually available.

The renaissance of style in slimline aluminium doors has seen a more design-led approach to sightlines. ‘Flush’ is the key word when choosing aluminium as the way the opening and fixed glass elements sit side by side as this is what will make an impact of the chic look of the end results.

Engineered for perfection

Slimline aluminium door is a robust solution that is precisely fabricated and installed for residential, leisure and commercial applications. They come in an unbeatable range and deliver unmatched performance levels for specifiers, homeowners, business owners, and property developers to consider.

Combining the highest functionality and advanced design to accommodate the largest possible panel sizes, specifiers can create large exterior openings and open up areas of living spaces to blur the distinction between inside and out. They also offer an option of cost-effective fixed glazing with external beading, or internally beaded fixed leaves.

Slimline aluminium doors are high quality, precision engineered products and designed to let in more light, provide improved access and ventilation, giving homes and commercial areas an enhanced feeling of space and style.

The latest interlocking between the door leaves offers superior thermal insulation and weather tightness, and fixtures are concealed to improve aesthetics. The thresholds of slimline aluminium doors can be recessed into the finished floor line for ease of access, particularly for older and disabled people.

The specially-designed lift and slide fittings of a slimline sliding door system offers better performance, even with the largest glass sizes. The roller unit comes with integrated brushes for continual cleaning of the tracks.

Must have features

There is huge variety in the quality of the various slimline aluminium doors available in the marketplace. Good quality ones use virgin billets in the manufacture of the doors, rather than cutting corners by producing them using the cheaper aluminium from scrap metal option. This is what most producers choose to win the contract.

Like stated earlier, the best slimline aluminium doors are made from premium aluminium. They have a smooth and consistent finish, and there is no ‘pitting’ when the profile are being heated during the powder coating process. This is ensured only when the die is polished – to reduce corrosion and avoiding contamination on the surface – after every extrusion run for creating a high quality finish.

Slimline aluminium doors work to keep the hot summer heat out of your indoor spaces. This is achieved through a thermally broken frame that traps heat and stops it from entering through the glass. With this exceptional thermal performance, comes lower energy bills. Slimline aluminium doors not only help you save money on your energy bills but also reduce your carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the planet.

From a security standpoint, slimline aluminium doors provide superb protection for your peace of mind. An anti-lift device at the head of the sash frame
for instance, is connected to the locking mechanism, and prevents removal of the door leaves from the outside. To enhance security levels even further, slimline aluminium doors are provides with two to five-point locking systems with locking pins and bolts on the sash.

Bear in mind that buying slimline aluminium doors is more than just its costs. Lead-in times can hugely impact your project. It’s important to be aware that
a cheap buy with a longer manufacture and delivery time can delay a schedule and impact other aspects of your project.

Significant variations in the quality can occur during the process of putting together slimline aluminium doors.So when comparing brands, ask the producers where the key elements of their slimline aluminium doors originated from and where they were actually manufactured and how they were made. If you feel they are hesitations in their answer, it will be best to start your search all over again.

Colour options for slimline aluminium doors

Even though there are a whole host of other shades of colour available, grey continues to be an incredibly popular choice. Many manufacturers offer slimline aluminium doors frames prefinished in any RAL colour, which means greater flexibility when considering the aesthetic appeal.

What’s more, producers tend to offer different finishes inside and out. This means while you might want a bright colour outside to add a little cheer to a brick facade, paler colours can be chosen to complement interior design, and vice versa.

There is nothing complicated when it comes to powder coated slimline aluminium doors. Powder coated simply means spraying a polyester powder onto the aluminium frame to give a uniform and vibrant finish. Powder coating is typically considered to be the highest quality finish for an aluminium door as it ensures low-maintenance and weather resistance. Fixtures such as handles and hinges can also be colour matched.

Cost of slimline aluminium doors

How much do slimline aluminium doors cost? This is a common question amongst those considering to invest in these premium aluminium product. This is largely because they are not known to be a budget option. However, there is a good reason for this, especially  when it comes to such an important element as your home, cheapest shouldn’t be the criteria.

Think of the aesthetic appeal, the improved comfort levels, durability, and increased security, slimline aluminium doors out performs to make the little extra well worth the initial investment. Then of course, the almost zero maintenance costs should will be one more additional benefit in its favour.

Slimline aluminium door prices will vary depending on a number of other factors as well. This includes the size and specification of the slimline aluminium doors, the property size, the number of doors being installed, as well as your choice of glazing.

What makes Alteza so different

Alteza takes slimline aluminium door technology to the next level. This state-of-the-art technology ensures that the entire slimline door systems meet rigorous standards. Engineered to deliver cutting edge performance, Alteza slimline aluminium door systems complement contemporary design and offer outstanding thermal efficiency, excellent acoustic performance, 100% water tightness, stringent security and smooth, effortless door operation.

Manufactured in India, all Alteza products are made with only the highest quality materials and components. They are subjected to the most stringent American and European tests and standards, and the quality control processes are second to none. In short, Alteza helps you to make informed decisions with complete confidence.

Alteza objective is to deliver an end-to-end solution to ensure that you and your customer realise the maximum value addition at every phase of the project. What really sets Alteza apart is the technical support that it offers. Which is why leading architect practices rely on Alteza’s expertise and problem-solving capability.  Offering you industry-leading guarantees, backed by excellent customer service, along with a promise of turning your vision into a reality.

The Alteza premium aluminium door collection includes an impeccable range of Casement, Sliding, Lift & Slide, Tilt & Turn and Bi-folding doors, and much more. Fulfilling the needs of the aesthetically minded customers looking for an exceptionally made products that satisfy the most exacting architectural design requirements.

Alteza always takes a consultative approach, working closely with the architect and often designing bespoke product solutions that are unique to the requirements of a particular project. This unparalleled attention to detail continues throughout the project, doing everything possible to exceed the expectations of every architect, contractor and home owner.

Visit our website for a comprehensive look at the Alteza product range and technical sheets. Whether you are an architect, builder or homeowner, Alteza engineers and technical personnel are always on hand to discuss the details of your project and to provide advice. Just call or email to activate the process.