September 4, 2023

Although they don’t sound particularly glamorous, windows and doors are crucial for indoor comfort, security, and energy efficiency. They shield your loved ones and your possessions from harsh weather and work alongside the heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable temperature for everyone.

Windows and doors have undergone extensive evolution throughout the history of housing. The needs of people today have significantly changed compared to what it was just a few decades ago. We have become more concerned with aesthetics and comfort in our homes. In yesteryears, the lack of production technology made wood the only possible solution for this purpose. Over time, this situation has changed with the introduction of materials such as aluminium, plastic, steel, and glass among others. These materials have opened up excellent design possibilities and provide excellent strength and durability to the doors and windows. 

Today, a number of high-rise structures and upscale residences favour Alteza aluminium window and door systems. Alteza is lending these spaces with international standards of workmanship and product quality. One of the key benefits of Alteza aluminium window systems is their thin sightlines, which won’t interfere with your overall design goals or break up or look odd next to a vast area of glazing. Our svelte and adaptable aluminium window systems are available in a wide range of colours, forms, and sizes and may also be specially made to fit your individual requirements.

Alteza’s Aluminium windows and doors: the preferred choice

Each substance has a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Although it is obvious that  wood is a good insulator, over time it is vulnerable to termites and warping. Iron, on the other hand, has a visual advantage but it’s not adequately soundproof, dust resistant, and durable when it comes to paints.

Aluminium windows and doors are sturdy and versatile across various climatic conditions. Due to its greater water resistance compared to wooden doors and greater resistance to wind and sunshine than plastic doors, it is less susceptible to environmental impacts. Since aluminium doors are not easily oxidised, nor are they distorted, yellowed, or affected by solar radiation or rain they have a significantly longer lifespan than other materials 

Alteza premium aluminium windows and doors are crafted to perfection and deliver greater comfort, and energy efficiency along with adding to the aesthetic appeal of your homes and offices. 

Alteza is committed to providing products that are suited to the highest standards and of the finest quality. The products are all covered by a comprehensive warranty that covers both the hardware and the complete profile leading to several architects opting for Alteza.

Alteza high-performance aluminium windows and doors are  frontal deflection tested to wind pressures of 3000 Pa, making them perfect for high-rise structures and locations prone to high-velocity winds.

Another key reason for Alteza product’s popularity among architects is that it is one of the select few manufacturers to provide a Total System Solution for all of your premium aluminium window and door systems. All Alteza aluminium windows and doors come in a range of styles and designs and may be manufactured to fit any standard or configuration.