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modern aluminium windows and doors

Modern building design with aluminium windows & doors

Mar 01, 2021

Modern design effortlessly blends high precision engineering that delivers unmatched function and performance with sleek, contemporary architecture that is pleasing to the eye. Better design innovation, greater flexibility and simplified fabrication have eliminated several drawbacks faced by traditional architectural design.

Thanks to the advances in world-class technology, today building a new space is not just easier than ever before but has endless ways of reflecting one’s own style in their spaces. In this article, we talk about how aluminium windows and doors are ideal for modern homes design.

Effective ventilation

Needless to say, proper ventilation is one of the first things we look for before buying or designing a new space. Dull, dark rooms with little or no ventilation can cause the growth of mold and prevent proper cross ventilation. Aluminium windows and doors are known for their brilliant design that contains more glass and less frame, thus bringing in more light. It is crucial that your house has windows and doors that bring in an ample amount of sunlight and fresh air.

Energy-efficient homes

Aluminium frames provide superior thermal insulation as compared to other materials in the market. They regulate the temperature indoors according to the weather conditions outside, making homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This also helps significantly reduce expensive electricity bills and provide greater energy efficiency.

Sustainable design

A key factor to be considered in today’s time, aluminium window and door frames are high on sustainability and last for years without undergoing much wear and tear. As they’re resistant to infection by pests, corrosion, and damage caused due to saline water, they are extremely durable and long-lasting.

Aesthetically pleasing

Keeping up with the trends in architecture, aluminium windows and doors come in coloured frames, attractive finishes, and stylish textures, thus adding to the aesthetic appeal of space without compromising on its function.

Customizable options

Today, every industry in the world provides the option to custom-design their products based on individual client requirements. When using modern aluminium frames for windows and doors, one can choose between a wide range of styles and designs and customize the laminates, textures, glass, glazing, size and hardware depending on their personal needs.

Minimal maintenance

Easy installation and maintenance is what we all look for in any modern home. When it comes to aluminium window and door frames, maintenance is a breeze. Their anti-stain and anti-scratch properties make it easier to take care of them, eliminating the need for extensive repairs or frequent polishing.

Green buildings

In today’s time, architects, designers and even homeowners and residents are working towards reducing their carbon footprint and caring for the environment. Aluminium window and door frames are built out of highly recyclable materials that are eco-friendly and good for nature.

Why Alteza?

At Alteza, we build modern aluminium frames that are extremely durable, high on performance and visually appealing. With a full range of colours to choose from, all our aluminium doors and windows are highly resistant to high speed winds, torrential rains and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for all weather types across the country. Alteza’s premium aluminium doors and windows also help reduce outside noise by up to 30 dB and provide effective insulation and thermal comfort.

Explore our website and get in touch with us today to find the right aluminium window and door frames for your space.

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